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Alternate Vector Support to .swf?
With flash being phased out by Adobe in 2020 is there any plans to replace .swf file import in CA4 with another format?

As a suggestion, if it is possible, I would like to throw support behind .svg as being the alternate vector format for props and G1/G2 characters (maybe even G3 if it's possible to add vector support into those characters in addition to .psd).

I know .svg doesn't have the ability to add animated props like .swf but are they really needed now CA4 has the ability to create compound prop animations?

All most people are looking for from vector images is resolution independence. .svg can provide that as well as giving users options to create their vector graphics in a wider variety of applications than .swf currently allows.

I'd particularly like to see the G2 pipeline flash character template that exports to a .swf file be replaced with a .svg template that you can import directly to CA4's character composer.

Regardless, we really need an alternative .swf and, even if .svg isn't it, a format that is supported by a wider variety of applications than .swf would be appreciated.

Just wanted to throw the idea out there... if it hasn't been put forward already.
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It is increasingly more difficult to create a workflow for vector art and CA.  The only reason I rent a copy of Adobe Animate is so that I can import SVG and convert them to SWF reliably.  I would definitely like to see support for Vector based imports expanded to include SVG file format.  Even G3 Vector-based characters would be wonderful and extremely powerful.  Having support for Inkscape and Affinity Designer as potential external vector editors would help for the Pipeline version.  Thanks.
Personally, I like Inkscape.  Very close to Adobe Illustrator and much better for drawing than Photoshop.   An animation program should be compatible with an illustration program and not a photo editor IMO.  Especially one that you cannot even buy anymore... yearly rentals with Adobe these days.  GIMP!!!  Free photoshop replacement!!!  ;)

Please work on this and please include it in an update and NOT another plug-in that requires more money.  Thanks  :)
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YES - Vector graphic import and sync from Affinity Designer would be great.
Round-tripping vector content into Affinity Designer would be awesome.
I hope
import and export
SVG and SVG sequence

and edit with photopea that can edit vector data and import and export SVG.
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