Reallusion Hub
Released in 5.1
Issue 9223
Allow easy disregard of ads for upgrading software.
In previous versions of Reallusion Hub, my installed applications were visible at the top when I opened the app.
Now, when I open the app, I see ads for the IC8, CC4, CA5 and all the latest plugins with "TRY!"

To me, this constitutes a nag screen. I've been a customer of reallusion for over 10 years, and have bought over $6,500 in products from reallusion. I'm subscribed to the newsletter. I know where the reallusion store is, and I know what products are available. I've used iClone since ver 6, CC since the beginning, and CA since it was CTA1.

I didn't buy the latest versions because the upgrade was FAR, FAR, FAR more expensive than any previous upgrade I've had, and I felt that reallusion as a company has not shown an appreciation of my investment, since I bought 3dxchange pro, but this was not given any consideration in the upgrade price, even though the functionality has been absorbed into the main products.

I do NOT need a nag screen. I would expect something like that from shareware. I don't need it from reallusion. If your sales have gone down, maybe what you need isn't a nag screen, but appreciation of the loyal customers like me who've invested thousands of dollars in your products over the last decade ... yeah, and maybe reduce the prices.

I get it you want to be premium software for pros, but you're driving away the very hobbyists and casual creators who MADE your current software versions possible.

No futher action on this is necessary. This is feedback and suggestions only, but I'd appreciate it if this were passed along the chain of command to people who make decisions about the future of this company.
OS: Windows 11
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