Cartoon Animator 4
Issue 6831
Add 2D Lights - just a mask option for spotlight brightness and fall off that can be assigned and copied to any layer and moved anywhere on the layer or group
I'm new to the 2D animation side or things but not to graphic design and 3D animation with Rendering and when using Cartoon Animator 4 working with any level of photo realism I really miss having the ability to light the scene -non destructively.

*Because it's a mask, you should be able to animate its shape -perhaps a vector shape tool with spline handles.
*This lighting concept could have an invert option as well.
*Lastly It would be great if Cartoon Animator had it's own post processing effects built in for layers or even to apply as a global effect.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
Lights plus shadows please.
"Lights with colors, please." 
As Tarampa said, so well.
Tarampa Studios
And lights with colours, please - so we can animate reflected lights from fires, and create more dramatic and spooky scenes with purple, orange, green, gold or blue highlighting in darkened shadowy scenes in forests, caves, haunted castles, and any night scenes.

... And the ability to pin the lights to characters, eg:

* pinned to hands for hand-held lights 
* pinned to character roots, to keep highlights on faces or otehr parts of their bodies.
I mentioned postfx processing, I would also really like to see magnification to be applied to props so that if the prop is for example a lens or water it would magnify any background showing through it. I'm sure some post effects could simulate running water or reflections as well and if it was applied to a prop spline I think you will see interesting creations. 

Postfx should include the option for symmetry.. lots of potential for music video creators.
UNU Studios
This is exactly what should happen. 
The stage is dull or non realistic when there is no lighting. 
Non destructive lighting would be perfect!