iClone 7
Issue 7254
AI Mocap
Reallusion's current motion capture features are buggy and limited.

When showcasing the new RTX 3080, NVIDIA recently announced a new software feature called AI Pose Estimator that creates mocap data from any webcam!

Reallusion: get on the bandwagon now! Mocap with iclone must be made easy with AI.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bytim.bradbury
I would have to say that Live Face is really not that good compared to other facial capture tools.  I would like to them to do something about that at least. I would love to begin using all of the items i have purchased with Reallusion but i would probably only use it if I was doing something that didn't require talking unfortunately.
As I said in the forum also, RL only provides an interface to third-party Mocap solutions, which they have no control over. If you make claims, it's good to get your facts straight first.

Users have been positive about Perception Neuron and Live Face, for example. Nothing buggy and limited about those, if you know how to use them.

I DO NOT want RL to spend any resources in trying to develop their on Mocap solutions. 

They tried that with Kinect and it didn't work very well. As to the AI "bandwagon", we'll have to see how well it works... If it's any good, RL can provide an interface to it, as they have done with other solutions.