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Issue 500
3DXchange no longer includes the Root Bone in Exported CC Characters!
I'm not sure why this was listed as SOLVED in a previous issue (312) as the problem is not solved, and is a bit of a shocker to be still unresolved after months of being raised.

We hit this recently, and were advised to add the root via Maya (major pain BTW) and then export with FBX2011 (not 2014), which we did, but that only partially helped. 3DExchange 6.42 still loses various morph targets and so we get partial expressions/vise coming through in the FBX export.

This is a deal breaker for us, as the lipsync/vise workflow no longer works, and there is no workaround. The entire pipeline of CrazyTalk->CC->iClone->UE4 is now broken, and the iClone toolset no longer has a purpose.

1) When will this be addressed?
2) what other workarounds are people using? surely we can't be the only few dealing with this
3) how do we roll back to 6.3 and try that..?

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Submitted bymacw0lf
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi macw0lf,

Thank you very much for your questions.

The issue you mentioned has been fixed in 3DXchange 6.5 and will be released soon. Its status is consistent with the definition of “Solved” in the Service Policy of Feedback Tracker, and the next step is "Released" for when it will be included in the next patch (For further details, please refer to: Please complete the patch installation and repeat the same steps after the release of 3DXchange 6.5.