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Recommended | Cartoon Production Essentials

Themed Character Bundle

Quickly build characters with a consistent visual style at a budget-friendly price.

Single Dressed Character

Based on your selected character style, easily make style variations.

Stylized Full Body Morph

Designed for easy character stylization, these animation-ready characters let you swiftly define body shape and proportions. Mix and match various head and body morphs to craft your own distinctive cartoon character.

Streamlined Mesh Hair

The simplicity of the design of Lite Hair is low-poly yet very stylish. Diversified hairstyles allow you to further customize hair color and shapes.

Realistic Hair

Reallusion Smart Hair supports dynamic physics, giving your stylized characters a sense of realism. Diversified hairstyles allow you to further customize hair color and shapes.

Diverse Outfit & Accessory

Effortlessly elevate character style with a diverse range of clothing and accessories. Outfits automatically conform to the character's body shape for a quick and stylized appearance.

Cartoonish Scene & Prop

Easily craft vibrant settings and charming objects that harmonize with your vision. From quirky backdrops to delightful accessories, create toon-style environments that embody your creativity.

Cartoonish Animal

Cartoon-styled animal characters enrich your scenes.

Handkey Character Animation

Tailored hand key animations breathe life into diverse cartoon characters, featuring unique body types and personalities

Exaggerated Motion Capture

The selected motion capture content packs deliver lively and captivating performances.

Lively Facial Expression

Vivid facial animations can quickly infuse your character with soul.

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