Reallusion Content License
When you purchase assets or contents under the Content Store, Marketplace and ActorCore you are also purchasing a license along with the rights associated.

This license allows you to use or export content via iClone and/or Character Creator into specified 3D formats listed in the Content EULA for commercial use and distribution.

  • One-Time Fee - Royalty-free one time payment
  • No Expiration - You are authorized with a perpetual license, with no time limit
  • Multi-Seat Content Sharing - Multiple team members can freely share content with the Workgroup system

If you:
  1. wish to embed content into games, virtual reality projects, augmented reality projects for mass distribution right
  2. OR

  3. Have custom licensing needs

Then please contact See Content EULA for details.
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Content License FAQ
  1. How do I confirm if the content can be exported or not?

    When you visit a content detail page, you may see a ‘Non-Exportable’ icon (shown below), in which case this product can only be used in Reallusion native environments of iClone or Character Creator. Similarly, you will also see an (iContent) tag in your shopping cart indicating it is non-exportable.
  2. What if I originally purchased iContent items, can I upgrade to the exportable license?

    No sweat there, it will simply be a cost at a fixed rate of 20% of the store price. You may add the product you wish to upgrade to your cart and at checkout it will indicate an upgrade price. Alternatively, you may click on your user profile and directly upgrade through your ‘Order History’ or ‘Inventory List’.
  3. Can I sell rendered images and animation videos?

    You are authorized to sell rendered images and animation videos for commercial purposes, so long as the purchased Content is part of a larger work that substantially changes the creation. However, you are not permitted to sell the creations in the stock websites such as Shutterstock or Envato, or in any dynamic media library.
  4. Am I allowed to use the output images and prints on physical products?

    You are authorized to use the “Output” images for the 2D print on physical products, such as packaging materials (e.g. boxes, books, caps, t-shirts, stickers and so on). The 2D-printed physical products are permitted for commercial purposes, but not allowed to be reproduced more than 500,000 times in total.
  5. What about three-dimensional physical representations such as 3D print and 3D modeling?

    You are authorized to use 3D representations for 3D print and 3D modeling derived from content. BUT only for personal and non-commercial use. The reproduction limit is no more than 10.