The Working Fashion Pack is what you need for a fresh new look in iClone offices. The pack includs 6 new characters based on G2 Natural Human Base Models, 14 different hairstyles, 36 communication motions, 10 accessories, 36 still gestures and 22 animated gestures. Whether it is in the office hallway or in a presentation, this pack gives you the full content to build your iClone office scene.

Product :
Working Fashion Combo Pack
Pack includes :
• 6 Working Fashion Characters
• 14 Classic Hair Cuts
• 10 Accessories
• 36 Communication Motions
• 36 Still Gesture
• 22 Animated Gesture

File size
: 99 MB

Working Fashion
Combo iContent Price :
$39.95 (70%OFF)

Export Price (?) : $79

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