Each of these unique substances are available exclusively from Reallusion, and contain adaptable custom functionality which allows them to act as a substance as well as a powerful design tool for any surface.
Input your own texture maps into these substances and blend them with a wide spectrum of ingenious effects to produce your very own gorgeous materials.

Assigning Multiple Materials to the Same Surface

By using the Mixer tool, users have the ability to assign up to 7 material types to the same surface. The embedded material generator provides presets for metal, wood, leather and fabrics. Not only that, but users can also go beyond that by applying patterns and material tweaks, and set up realistic weathering effects.
The Mixer tool is used in Character Creator to generate ultra-realistic material for cloth and accessories. Check out some render samples here

Basic Adjustments

Transform Materials with Directional Blending Effects

Gradually transform one material to another by using directional blending effects. By combining this ability with GI emissive materials in iClone 7, users can create a gradual increase in lighting levels by animating the level of blend of an objects materials.

Generate Multiple Texture Maps from a Single Image

The B2M tool helps to generate all required material maps from a single source image. It smartly calculates image maps for all iClone texture channels – base color, opacity, normal, height, AO, specular, emissive (glow), roughness, metallic, as well as effect maps such as curvature and Color ID.

Compose a New Surface from Layered Images

The Decal tool aids users with applying different images in a multi-layered material composition. Aside from adding tweaks for metallic, roughness, or normal maps and generating height from a flat surface, this PBR update also allows users to use the Decal Opacity channel to create transparent windows and produce realistic glass render.

Wood, Stone, Metal – Realistic Weathering with Paint Layers

The Aging tool allows users to generate a natural weathered look to any 3D object. It starts by defining the base material (wood, rock, metal), applying rust and/or erosion, adding paint layers, applying edge wear, and also providing a dirt and sun bleach effect to finish things off.


In order for your 3D model to work with the Aging and Mixer substance material, you will need to generate a number of effect maps using the included B2M tool, or generating them from Substance Designer or Substance Painter. These unique texture maps help identify the edges, crevices, and orientation of your model, and provide accurate wear, rotting, rusting, and sun bleach effects and more!

Curvature maps are greyscale masks that identify the edges of a model for applying edge wear effects.

World Space Normal are RGB masks used to define the facing angle of the surface. Baked WSN are no different from Object Space normals.

Ambient Occlusion or AO maps are greyscale textures used to create dirt effects in crevices and concave areas of the mesh.

Normal maps are just passed through and elaborated on in the graph to represent the final bump results.

How To

How to use the B2M Substance Power Tool

1:24 Applying a B2M Tool to a Prop
3:38 Tweaking Substance Values
11:25 Adding Depth with Tessellation
13:22 Baking Substance Textures

How to use the Blending Substance Materials

1:03 Using the Substance A/B Blend Tool
4:42 Animated Blending
7:02 Gradient Blending

Click here to download Substance Blending Materials resources

How to use Substance Decals

1:57 Setting a Base Material
5:14 Blending Materials with Masking
8:10 Adjusting Position & Scale for Decals
11:09 Using Opacity Maps on Decals
14:46 Adding a Poster Decal
17:00 Optimizing Resolution & Baking

Click here to download Substance Decals resources

How to use Multi Materials for 3D Blocks

1:57 Setting a Base Material
0:56 Applying the Multi Material Tool
3:09 Creating Rock Surfaces
5:20 Creating Metal Surfaces
14:03 Creating Wood Surfaces

Click here to download Multi Material resources


Product: iClone7 Substance Super Tools

The Substance Super Tools pack is part of the Visual Essentials collection.

Maximize your material workflow and productivity with these five powerful and flexible Substance tools, specifically designed by Reallusion for use in iClone to give users extra control over realistic texturing.

  • B2M Tool - Image to PBR Material Generator
  • DECAL Tool - Compose a New Surface from Layered Images
  • AGING Tool - Edge Wear and Decay from Metal, Rock, and Wood
  • AB-BLEND Tool - Transform Materials with Directional Blending Effects
  • MIXER Tool - Apply Multiple Materials to the Same Surface
    You can access from 3 versions of Mixer tool, each support different material number, ranging from 3, 5, and 7 depends on your system performance and real application demand.

After installation, you can access those Substance tools from "iClone 7 Template\iClone Template\Materials Lib\Substance Super Tools"

Pack includes:

Reallusion Substance Super Tools for iClone 7

  • Mixer Tool
  • A-B Blend Tool
  • B2M Tool
  • Decal Tool
  • Aging Tool

Artist : Reallusion

File Size: 60.5 MB

Compatible with: iClone 7.0

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