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  • All transparent video libraries are encoded in Full HD resolution (1920x1080)
  • Alpha mask layers and playback speed can be further customized inside popVideo 3
  • Dual video formats are provided to ensure synchronous real-time 3D compositing and high quality render output.

17 Revelers

These assets are great for adding mysterious and delicate tones to projects, thanks to glowing streaks of light, subtle flashes, and blinking particle effects that offer more exciting ways to attract viewer's attention when revealing text and others.

25 Toon Magic

Animated graphics are ideal for promoting abstract feelings in any project thanks to an array of bubbling strings of hearts, a patriotic dose of stars and stripes, scribbles of glowing light and more. Use these illustrative assets to create energetic videos with cartoons or silhouetted characters.

55 Magic Effects

Sparkle up any intro, with an electric combination of energy charms and amazing glowing effects that shine and string together with electrons, magic powers, plasmic effects and more.

45 Fire & Smoke

Burn up your atmospheres with explosive fire and smoke effects that can range from high octane blasts to subtle smoke drafts. Employ an array of fire balls, heat waves and smoke mists for versatile visual effects that can be combined with 3D characters and objects to quickly create movie-like effects like fire magic, exhaust, or fog in the alley.

9 Infographic

This trade collection contains 9 practical, animated infographic pop-up icons that are ideal for business, online training, eLearning, or presentations with illustrated items such as recycle arrows, money charts, idea bulbs and other symbols.

24 Video Objects

Grab your spray cans and masks with this pack of graffiti-like patterns, solid colored shapes and overlays that can be used as image layers on top of videos. Use instant graffiti, disco balls, energy globes and snow fall as elements in video production.

24 Animated Backgrounds

Instantly set the tone in any atmosphere by dropping these animated backgrounds with realistically detailed backdrops such as ocean views, fire frames, cosmic scenes, illuminated skies and more. Save time by not having to build a full set and simply drag and dropping these in the background.


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