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Garry Pye' s Comic Faces: Cartoon Faces for 3D Character Creation

3D Face - Garry Pye's Comic Faces for 3D Characters

cartoon face

Cartoon Faces for 3D Charactor Creation
Cartoon Faces for 3D Charactor Creation

3D Heads from Hand-Drawn Illustrations

  • Built directly from Garry Pye's original sketches, combining quality hand drawn comics with 3D textures.
  • Experience smooth animation results on facial expressions and lip-sync inside CrazyTalk 8 and iClone 6.
3D Comic Faces from Hand-Drawn Illustrations
Original Drawing CrazyTalk8 Render iClone6 Render
3D Comic Faces from Hand-Drawn Illustrations
Original Drawing CrazyTalk8 Render iClone6 Render

About Garry Pye

"With a background in cartoon illustration spanning as far back as I can remember, I have always been drawing cartoons in one form or another. Reallusion's software has allowed me to take my work to all new levels, both as an animator and a content developer.In the past my work has always been in the field of 2D animation, however iClone and Character Creator have given me the opportunity to expand my range into 3D animation." - Garry Pye

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Comic Face - Garry Pye CrazyTalk Animator 3D characters with Cartoon Face

Combine Comic Head Sketches with iClone 3D Bodies

"These faces have been designed to give your characters a more hand drawn, pencil-sketched cartoon quality. When combined with Tokomotion's body morph sliders and the Cloth Bases Professional Outfits content pack for Character Creator, you can create an unlimited number of new characters for any project" - Garry Pye
3D characters with Cartoon Face
3D characters with Cartoon Face
3D characters with Cartoon Face

One Format - 3 Applications

Universal 3D head for Character Creator, iClone, and CrazyTalk


Product: Universal 3D Head - Garry Pye's Comic Faces

Reallusion is an expert at blurring the lines between reality and illusion, and now we have taken this a step further by introducing new content that was originally in 2D and then magically morphing it into workable, animatable 3D characters.

Reallusion proudly presents this revolutionary new content pack, from the creatively genius mind of Garry Pye, that demonstrates the latest novelty in transforming hand drawn strokes into full 3D Comic Heads. An amazing idea that will undoubtly open the border for cross 2D and 3D animation.

This unique 3D collection of Garry Pye's Comic Faces, can be used with CrazyTalk 8, Character Character and iClone 6 PRO -- allowing you to further modify their shape and facial features, combining them with stylized body morphs, outfits and accessories that are all ready to animate.

Learn - Advanced Tips & Tricks for working with big blinking eyes.

Pack includes :

RLHead x10
Bonus ctiModel x10
OBJ Resource Files x10

File Size : 534 MB
Compatible with : Character Creator 1.42
iClone 6.42
CrazyTalk 8.03
3DXchange 6.42 Pipeline if you want to export