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3D Clothing for 3D Characters

3d clothing for 3d character creator - Professional Outfits
3d clothing bases
3d clothing dresets
3d characters
  • 31 customizable clothing and shoe bases, with 156 presets for occupational apparels.
  • Unlock all input channels and freely put your own design logo on your company uniform.
  • Flex your imagination and mix & match with CC Essential and other CC Clothes for tons of options.
3d clothing by industries

Occupational Apparel Bases for all Major Industries

3d clothing - flight attendant, captain
3d clothing - worker
3d clothing - business man
3d clothing - waiter, waitress, chef
3d clothing - clerk, cashier, delivery man
3d clothing - army, soldier, police, firefighter
3d clothing - singer, bunny, dealer, agent
3d clothing - sports, medical, student
Note: Corporate logos and images used here are for example purposes only. Each copyright is exclusive property of its owner. Logos, accessories and hairs displayed here are not included in this pack. Please see the Content library for actual products.

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See the Tutorial - Intro to Professional Outfits, Character Compositing & Lighting Setup in Indigo, Rendering Professional Outfits in Indigo.


3d clothing customization - change color
Designed for Easy Customization
  • Create and apply your own fabric patterns with meticulous detail, by simply adjusting parameters to create your own fabulous designs.
  • Modify, transform, offset, adjust opacity values and more to create customize clothing segments and pattern distributions.
3d clothing customization - change logo
  • Unlock all input channels and replace textures for Diffuse, Normal, Specular maps for complete customization.
  • Put your own corporate logo on it !
  • Generate stitched logos, or flat imprint effects by adjusting the Normal strength.
3d shoes for 3d character
3d shoes designed for 3d character
More Than Just One Model
  • 4 design layers allow you to assemble your own combination of custom fabrics each with its own unique materials, patterns, patches, holes and worn-out areas.
  • See the Tutorial - Custom Clothing Design


Product: Cloth Bases for Character Creator - Professional Outfits

The Character Creator - Professional Outfits pack is designed for creators who wish to include fully-rigged, ready-to-animate 3D characters which can be easily branded and customized for use in business presentations, training projects, YouTube marketing videos, interactive 3D gaming projects or detailed architectural simulations.

When you acquire this pack, you'll get a great collection of work related attires for you to create the most representational characters for your company, or your client's company. Find everything from formal business outfits for banks and insurance companies, to worker jumpsuits for construction proposals. Adding these well-dressed, occupational characters in your presentation will really help better connect your message with your audiences.

Additionally, the customizable clothing and shoe bases can be further modified inside the iClone Character Creator tool, allowing you to add your own brand ID with logos, specific designs or color segments to create authentic company uniforms.

View tutorials: Intro to Professional Outfits, Custom Clothing Design

Pack includes :

  • CC Cloth Bases x 31
  • Presets (CC Cloth and CC Accessory) x 156
  • Bonus Characters x 12

File Size: 1.53GB

Compatible with :
Character Creator 1.42
iClone 6.42 Pro or above
3DXchange 6.42 Pipeline (if you wish to export)


List Price:

List Price:
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