What's new for Material in iClone 4?  
  External Texture Function  

All the materials that use an External Texture will all load the same External Texture. It dramatically decreases the size of the files.

  How to use Material?  

How it works:

  A. Load the Material that you want.
  B. Edit Material.
For more details, please follow the step-by-step instructions below.

A.Load the Material that you want.

A-1 Apply any skirt template or a single segment.

Choose any segment from the Scene Manager.


Use hotkey Y to switch to Modify/Material & Texture Setting.

Press the Explore button in Modify/Material & Texture Setting, IC4 will open the Materials Lib folder.

Choose the desired Material.

Use the new Drag & Drop function to drag the desired material to iClone and assign it to the segment.

B.Edit Material.


IC4 provides a new type of Material - External Textures. The Materials that we offer in this pack are all external textures. The icon for external textures is as below.
The advantage of using this kind of material is that all the objects that uses this Material will load the same external texture.

B-1 Keep doing step A-4. Since you are using external textures, you can not use Modify/Adjust Color.

However, you can set the appropriate UV Tiling for each Channel to decide the pattern of your skirt.


If you want to edit a texture of any Channel, click Find File and you can see the texture file in the windows explorer. You can use any 2D software (Ex. Photoshop) to edit it.

  Tip. Editing an external texture will update all the materials that are using the texture.

You can also change a texture in any channel. Simply click on the channel. Click Open and choose the desired texture. You have to make sure that External Texture is checked while doing that.

Use Pick & Paint in Modify/Material & Texture Setting to assign a material to all the segments.
If you want to change the texture pattern again, you can use the 2D software to edit it and overwrite. iClone will ask you to update the texture.

All the segments are updated at once!!!!



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