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Product : City Elements - Toon Town

Ever want to build your own cartoonish town scene and start working on a cartoon animated film? Toon Town is one of the latest published City Elements series based on modern city theme with a toon style.

This pack includes Buildings, Construction Elements, Town props, Signs and a base terrain where you can freely assemble your own Toon Town. Each building comes with 3 deformations for optional scene settings. Enhanced normal textures and interior textures improve the visual quality of this pack to a higher level.
By adjusting the lighting and atmosphere, you can create different toon styles for your projects (see Gallery for examples). Four atmosphere setting samples are also included in this pack as bonus. Click on the Toon Style Setting to learn how they work.
*Pocket Pet-Teddy and Toon Car are not included in this pack.
Pack includes:
 • Building A x 3
 • Building B x 3
 • Building C x 3
 • Shop A x 3
 • Shop B x 3
 • Shop C x 3
 • Shop D x 3
 • Shop E x 3
 • Shop F x 3
 Construction Elements
 • Fence x 4
 • Foundation x 4
 • Town Base x 1
 Town Props x 13
 Signs x 16
 3D Scene (Pre-assembled) x 1
 Sky x 3
 Preset Atmosphere x 4

File size : 224 MB
For iClone 5.41 or above!