Characters with different body types may result with slightly different outcomes when motions are applied. The motions in this pack are produced based on the Slim character from the iClone Character Pack - Mr. Pose & Friends Character Set. Therefore if these motions are used on other characters, such as the Round character, Jimmy the Toon, Toon Maker characters and others, then there may be some inaccuracies. Thanks to the HumanIK technology built into iClone, you can now easily use the Edit Motion tool to fix this. See some examples below:
• Inaccurate Hand Movements Fix-up
When some motions or gestures, such as Yawning or Headache, are applied to characters in different proportions, then there might be two inaccuracies for character's hand motions.

1. The hand (or arm) is away from where it should be. Just adjust the the hand (or arm) closer.
2. The hand (or arm) penetrates the body or head. Just move or rotate the hand (or arm) to solve the problem.
• Floating Foot Adjustment
If some characters have a floating foot while doing certain motions like dancing on tiptoes, then you may just want to pull down the Root or the Foot, to fix this.


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