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Motion Montage 3
Showcase Name: Motion Montage 3
Author: Reallusion
With Motion Montage Vol. 3, now you have more options to create energetic commercial videos in no time at all! Motion Montage Vol.3 offers three kinds of motions: Lively, Dynamic and Flowing Motion Systems. Employ novel effects for displaying logos and texts with cartoonish or bouncy styles, which can be easily applied to any video splash title or credits. Use them in films, video, demos or even presentations. You can apply the new motions to messages or props and highlight your ideas with just a few simple steps. The pack also offers well-designed symbols including letters, capitalized and lower cases, numbers, signs and texts to carry your point across. Users can easily drag and [RL_DANGEROUSCODE3]items to the stage, attach them to dummy motions, and see them bounce along predetermined motion paths. The pack includes new particles along with three ready-made projects. Enhance your videos or images by adding particles to your logos or trademarks and animate them in real-time.
Pack: Motion Montage Vol.3 Flying Logo