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DA Point - Reallusion Currency

DA Points, short for Direct Access Points, represent electronic currency that can be used to acquire Reallusion software, content, and related services. You can use DA Points for transactions in the Reallusion Software Store, Content Store, Marketplace and ActorCore.

The conversion rate is straightforward: 100 DA Points equate to US$1. You have the option to acquire DA Points in batches of 1,000, 5,000, or 10,000.

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New! - Introducing BONUS POINTS

Bonus Points function just like DA Points, with an equivalent value (100 Bonus Points = 100 DA Points = US$1). However, there's a key distinction: Bonus Points come with an expiration date. When you make a purchase, the system will deduct Bonus Points that are nearing their expiration. Unused Bonus Points will automatically deactivate at midnight 00:00 UTC of their expiration date, without prior notification.


Reallusion Marketplace & ActorCore

In the Reallusion Marketplace, all transactions are conducted using DA (Direct Access) points, ensuring both transactional security and the ease of micro-payments. The marketplace lets users self-publish their content without the need for prior approval from Reallusion. It serves as an online 2D and 3D user-to-user marketplace, enabling anyone to explore content from other talented developers for free before making a purchase.

A trial content available for free download comes with full functionality but is presented with a watermark and cannot be saved in a project. Upon payment, these limitations are removed, allowing for unrestricted use in production.

Within the Reallusion Marketplace, you gain access to an extensive database boasting over 33,000 digital products, all obtainable with DA Points. This vast repository encompasses resources for iClone, Character Creator, and Cartoon Animator.

On the other hand, ActorCore is a streamlined web-based service, offering a wide array of human mocap motions and characters. It includes top-notch mocap animations that seamlessly integrate with leading 3D software like Unreal Engine, Unity, Maya, MotionBuilder, Blender, 3ds Max, and Cinema 4D. Users can anticipate an enhanced user experience for browsing 3D motions and models while benefiting from the built-in transactional security provided by the DA point system.

*Note: As the Reallusion Marketplace is an open peer-to-peer community, we cannot guarantee a consistent product experience. To ensure a secure purchase, we strongly recommend trying out the product before making a purchase. If the purchased content does not meet your expectations or functions as anticipated, please use the comment system to engage with the vendors for direct support.


Purchase DA Points

*Important Note: DA point purchases and transactions made using DA Points are not eligible for refunds.


Earn DA Points

You can accumulate DA Points by becoming one of our developers and selling your content. You can even achieve certified seller status, allowing you to redeem your DA earnings for cash.