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$29 Bonus Value for G2 Power Tools Vol .3
  Infographic Palettes can help users easily make business infographs, reports or training videos look stylish and consistent by simply applying any one of our systematic color palettes to their projects. Users are even able to create your very own color palettes if they choose to  
  5 Color Palettes for Different Scenarios
The color palettes come in different styles, and are especially designed for a variety of scenarios. Choose the color palette that best applies to your project, and add symbols or icons to see the amazing results! Below, see some infograph example that you can recreate with G2 Power Tools V.3.
  Applicable to all Render Style ready contents
Start having fun with the magic of colors and tones! Apply a color palette on other CrazyTalk Animator 2 items that support the Render Style feature, and make any project even more creative!
  Customizable Color Palettes
  Want more originality in your work? Well no Problem! The colors in these Infographic Palettes have been systematically designed, which allow you to customize each color but still keep the rest consistent.
  How To Wizard