Hair system


Hair and Beard Component Systems

The Hair Component System contains six structural elements:  Scalp, Back Hair, Fringe, Bang, Sideburns and Additions.  The Beard Component System consists mainly of Beard and Mustache Elements.  Use the CrazyTalk Animator Composer to generate different styles of hair, beard, and mustaches for those very unique characters.

New Designs from Quick Modifications

This pack includes 58 x carefully assembled Hair and Beard styles that be directly applied to characters in order to drastically change their looks, simply by switching colors, orientation, or elements.

Animated Components with Physics and Moods

You will find most of the components designed with embedded animation scripts, that allow you to simulate natural physics behaviors such as; walking, running, breeze sway, and strong wind which you can cleverly employ to adjust character moods and emotions.

How to

How to Animate Hair ?

Most hair components are embedded with animations for various scenarios, use the right-click menu to select desired animation clip.


Product: G3 Accessories & Assemble Kits - Hair & Beard Systems

Creating characters is awesome, but you know what’s better? Creating hair and beards to go with them! This carefully-crafted Hair and Beard System is the ultimate stylist for any 2D character. Creatively repurpose your original characters with pompous hairdos, Coronel moustaches, or Cyndi Lauper-like hair colors that everyone will love!

This pack includes 185 x traditional hair components, 58 x exuberant hair styles, complete with Hair and Beard elements.

The Hair Component and Beard Component Systems contain basic structural elements that you can combine to create unique 2D characters. Use the CrazyTalk Animator Composer to generate different styles for hair, beard, and mustaches that move and sway with physics!

Note: This content is NOT compatible for G3 360 Head.

Pack includes :

Artist : Reallusion

File Size: 307 MB
Compatible with: CrazyTalk Animator 3.2 or above

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