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2 Types of Emotive Expression
  Works for all G2 Characters

Although the shapes of these facial features look quite simple, they can easily be used to represent all trades of work, or even famous people. You can find 2 distinctive systems for facial expressions, which can make actors appear more iconic or comical.

The abstract facial components in this pack look just like what you use on any social network or instant messaging service, but in this pack they are animatable. In business graphics their expressions can be effectively used to express attitude in different situations.

All symbol head systems are G2, 3D-motion ready, so you view them in different angles. They are also compatible with additinal color palettes and CTA 2 render styles. Also, not only are these heads compatible with Symbol Men characters, but they can also be applied to any inanimate object to instantly bring anything to life.

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All contents include 10 angles and are lip-sync ready

 • Eyes x 2
 • Hairs x 9
 • Mouths x 2
 • Noses and Accessories x 10

Author : Reallusion
File size : 13.3 MB

Required : CrazyTalk Animator 2.14 or above



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