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Examples of Symbol Usage
3 Color Palette Sets

A different body type from previous body composer series. The character in this pack has an abstract shape for creating stories requiring simple forms, perfect for any infographic video or business report.

This pack includes 9 outfit sets and 1 symbol man template. Hairs and hats can be assembled for characters with different occupations such as a boss, office lady, athlete, waitress, police, martial artist, clerk, worker or a soldier.

This pack also includes 2 distinct color palettes: Moscow and Denmark. The Moscow palette has low saturated colors, which are best for presenting conservative messages such as a City Council notification. On the other hand, the Denmark palette makes subject look livelier and happier, which are best used to present fresh and energetic topics such as toys, families or lifestyles.

All symbol men are in 3D-ready G2 characters. See how to make these symbol animated characters come live, and work with all CTA 2D and 3D motions.

Click here to get G2 Power Tools Vol. 3


 • Uppers x 9
 • Lowers x 9
 • Shoes x 9
 • Color Palettes x 2

Author : Reallusion
File size : 19.5 MB

Required : CrazyTalk Animator 2.14 or above

  How to Wizard
Turn Off Perspective Effect
Shoe Layer Settings



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