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What's popVideo Converter

No longer does it take an hour with expensive software to Chromakey your videos. With popVideo Converter just import your green/blue screen videos and click on the 'One-Click Chromakey' button to instantly remove the background!

Reallusion's popVideo Converter turns any green/blue screen video or image sequence into an encoded video with a transparent background. The intelligent Auto-Chromakey button simplifies the background removal process allowing more users to enjoy the power of green/blue screen production and bring any virtual host for video production or business presentation.


  • Intuitive User Interface design with essential built-in functions: video zoom, video rotate, dynamic sequence check, multiple video review and frame by frame verification.
  • Intelligent video Chromakey features a One-Click conversion with additional detail refinement tools.
  • Import your own masks or image sequences to create your own custom video shapes.
  • Flexible output formats allow you to export your projects for use with other professional software.


for 3D Virtual Sets

PopVideo Converter creates a seamless cut-out video for you to bring any real-life actor into iClone's 3D Virtual Sets. Now you can immerse yourself into iClone's environment by creating your own videos with transparent backgrounds.

Video Editor
for Post-production

To help you fulfill your post-production needs, popVideo Converter also outputs mask videos (.AVI) for use with other third-party video editors. Compatibility has never been so practical with our new popVideo Converter.


1. Record Your Target on A Green or Blue Screen

In order to get a good video that is easy to work with, we suggest that you first turn off all special camera functions such as Auto Focus and White Balance. This will ensure that your initial raw video will be easy to work with in the chroma keying process. To get the cleanest background, you need to have even lighting in order to avoid heavy shadows. You also need to make sure that your target does not wear any green/blue color clothing or objects.

2. One-Click Chromakey Activation

Chroma keying is a technique where a color from one image is removed (or made transparent) from the background screen, usually green or blue backgrounds. With the One-Click Chromakey solution, simply remove the major background and later refine the edges with the slider options. You may also correct background color tints (green/blue) that have transposed themselves onto the target surface and also correct see-through transparency issues.

3. Export for 3D Virtual Set, Video Compositing, Web or Desktop

PopVideo Converter allows you to output in WidgetCast format (.iWidget) to be used for live Flash Media publishing, or output in iClone's popVideo format (.popVideo) for HD resolution 3D virtual set productions. You may also export your own video masks (.AVI) for use with other video compositing tools.

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popVideo Converter 2

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iClone Broadcasting Solution

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- iClone 6 PRO 
- 3DVFX Power Packs


- popVideo Converter 2

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