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New Features Guide

CrazyTalk Animator 2 brings a whole new 3D experience to 2D animation! In this new version, we have taken a huge leap forward by elimintating planar, 2D restrictions and allowing designers to now use popular 3D motions on 2D characters. This has opened a new way for editing motions freely without single angle limitations. In addition, the brand new multi-dimensional character system maintains the mix-and-match creation power of CrazyTalk Animator, while delivering quick, render style options for instant visual alternatives.

Functional Project Demo

Evolutionary 2D Animation

The biggest breakthrough of CrazyTalk Animator is to make the traditional planner 2D animation acting in a 3D way.

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Render Style

Render Style options allow you to easily switch your characters, scene, props to different looks, and turn your animation into comic strip, commercial ads, or illustrative videos.

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3D Camera Simulation

Customize camera views with pan, zoom, and rotate tools; create perspective orbit effects by changing character angles and moving props in Z-depth order.

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Angle Switch

Flip the character to get the mirror effect, change the angle to set desired animation direction, or use the motion layer to get the smoother rotation result.

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Multi-angle Facial Animation

Once you define the facial animation for a G2 character at one angle, the animation result will apply to all other dimensions.

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3D-to-2D Motions

CrazyTalk Animator 2 revolutionizes the way using 3D to set the base motion, turning angle, and perfect the 2D animation with follow through, bounce, and deformation effects.

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Getting Started with CrazyTalk Animator 2

This tutorial will introduce you to a lot of new improvements, and how they can be used in a quick and simple way. You'll learn about the 3D Motion Key Editor, Human IK, walk cycles, sprite replacement, Render Style, and more!

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Intro to Character Animation

There are a whole bunch of new character motion tools with CrazyTalk Animator 2! This tutorial will give you a brief introduction to how some of the most common character motion tools are used, such as clip blending, sprite replacement, 3D motion key editing, and more.

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