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DrawPlus Demo Video
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Check out the demo videos & tutorials for CrazyTalk Animator & DrawPlus!

Draw & Paint Demo for CrazyTalk Animator

DrawPlus brings data compatibility and ease-of-use to CrazyTalk Animator designers, as it saves time and effort on full scale Adobe Flash and Photoshop projects. With DrawPlus, now you can combine the power of image paint, vector draw and animated Flash content (SWF) in one complete toolbox.

*The functions in this demo video are demonstrated with previous version of CarzyTalk Animator & DrawPlus.

DrawPlus Demo & Tutorial
DrawPlus is the powerful, fun and versatile designer that makes graphics easier than ever.
Simple vector drawing tools help you create custom lines, shapes and curves, with advanced tools for targeted drawing, merging and blending.
Photo-quality spray brushes allow you to add paint splats, glitter, flowers and many more decorative effects.
Color Palette Creator
Automatically generates a palette of colours from an image.
Creating CTA Props from DrawPlus Graphics
See just how simple the pipeline is, both for single graphics and simultaneous import of multiple graphics, and also the important difference between raster and vector graphics.
Creating Animated CTA Props in DrawPlus
You can quickly animate the vector graphics, loop the animations, export them as Flash animations, and then import them into CrazyTalk as animated props.
Drawing Your Own CTA Props in DrawPlus
You can take some basic primitive shapes and combine them together to create some half-decent looking vector graphics which can then be imported into CrazyTalk Animator as scene props.