Media Designer / AD Agency

  • Quickly and easily design unique branded widget for you and your clients.
  • Host Widgets on Reallusion’s server or your own server.
  • You can use the same micro app either online, or as a standalone download that can be shared
  • Quickly and easily adaptable to client’s existing web media such as YouTube, Twitter, RSS news, podcast, and other web2.0 marketing tools
  • Ability to add Custom features using standard Flash components (AS3) >> View Example

Marketer / In-House

  • Create corporate branded widgets quickly and easily by yourself.
  • Use widget templates to quickly create promotional materials by editing custom messages.
  • Easily incorporate multimedia such as Flash, videos & MP3 audio.
  • Create a live update of you corporate message with RSS feed and Twitter tool.
  • Build live video channels via YouTube; Create photo show from Flicker or Picasa Photo.
  • Host your own Podcast audio program and provide radio show, etc.

Teacher / Education

  • Convert presentation materials quickly to either an on-line rich media or standalone program with easy playback features.
  • Publish your syllabus or other course materials.
  • Showcase your student’s works that have been uploaded to YouTube, flickr, Picasa with defined tags.
  • Publish live updates to your training materials.
  • Enliven your training course with an avatar guided multimedia presentation.

Flash Developer

  • Deliver unique values to your clients by providing easily editable and reusable projects.
  • Customer editable and reusable elements mean that they can actively and creatively be involved to speed up the development process.
  • Allow your Widget investment to extend itself by simplifying content creation for applications like image viewers, video players, music players, mini websites, and more.
  • (The white paper and submission guideline will be available soon.)