WidgetCast Free Update & Paid Upgrade
Available below are upgrade patches and packs to ensure you have the latest version of WidgetCast product installed. A version history is included so you can better understand the new features added or issues solved within a specific release.
  • Official Release Version: 2.5 (2.5.1927.1)
  • Release Date: 2010-07-29
  • Language: English Version
    *Check out the System Requirement and Version Comparison.
    • Free Update

    WidgetCast 2.5 (2.5.1927.1) update patch

    Format: .exe
    Last update on 29st July, 2010.
    Check out the Version History for details.

    File Size
    for WidgetCast 2.0, 2.01, 2.02, 2.1
    PRO and Standard Edition

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    WidgetCast Version History

    v2.5(2.5.1927.1) released 29st July-10

    • Added: Advanced Video Channel Style. Users can now create their personal or branded TV and directly access all their favorite YouTube Videos, and organize them in 3-level menus.
    • Added: Live desktop Newsfeed. Users can launch AIR Apps on PC Start-up with custom desktop location. Send live RSS newsfeeds and video updates to audiences.
    • Added: AIR Share System. Users can publish their AIR application on their own server and share their AIR app via email or other social media such as; Facebook, mySpace, Digg, Twitter.
    • Added: Pre-load Option for Flexible Animation. You may now choose to design interactive widgets and animate them after the required pages are loaded.
    • Added: The option to compress data when exporting a widget for optimized performance.
    • Enhanced: Editing Tool Kit now allows you to crop and select multiple objects, flip Images and better control objects with the ‘align to group’ function.
    • Enhanced: Reallusion-Published Backend. Better widget publishing management system with improved overall look.
    • Enhanced: Reallusion-Published Backend. Enhanced Gigya publishing system to sync your widget with available publishing sites.
    • Enhanced: Export widgets with shared folder for better file management and minimized cache burden.
    • Enhanced: Notification system when RSS and Twitter data cannot be reached.
    More Information

    v2.1(2.1.1204.1) released 1st December-09

    • Added: RSS Podcast Player Style. Users can subscribe their favorite podcast feed to enjoy the audio/ visual experience with a desktop or online widget.
    • Added: More flexible font settings for RSS Component, Twitter Component, Photo Viewer and Video Channel Style.
    • Added: Floating control panel in Photo Viewer when selecting Image_CompleteSetH, Image_CompeteSetV, Image_Single, and Image_SingleAuto Style. Users can set auto-play time durations and transition effects to make their own “digital photo frame”-like widgets.
    • Added: Player bar in Video Channel when selecting Video-CompleteSetH, Video-CompleteSetV, and Video-Single.
    • Added: Foreground/Background preview on/off button. It is very convenient for users to align layout between foreground/background and each page.
    • Added: Page and Volume control objects for global operations within the widget design.
    • Added: “Install Program Folder” option for AIR export. Users can install all their AIR applications in the same program folder as well as in Windows start menu.
    • Added: Hotkey Page Up/Page Down/Home/End for page browsing when preview. It also works on published widgets using WidgetCast v2.1.
    • Added: Page index. It shows clearer page info to allow users easier access to the exact link page they are wishing to view.
    • Enhanced: popVideo Composer. More flexible and variant control settings to let users generate different types of attractive popVideo widgets.
    • Fixed: Several improper tooltips/description.
    • Fixed: “Feedback Form” does not have background color setting.

    v2.02 released 17th September-09

    • Fixed: Several functions in published widgets (e.g. drag, link, full screen, or mute) wouldn’t work when the widgets were viewed in FireFox in Windows.
    • Fixed: The popWidget wouldn’t be dragged when users view the widget in the share page (Self-hosting) in Internet Explorer 7 or 8.
    • Fixed: Published widgets wouldn’t work on MAC platform. The listed problems were:
      1. When clicking on a published widget, the widget would get stuck on the user’s mouse cursor.
      2. Clicking on a link, button, or menu in published widgets wouldn’t work properly.
      3. Dragging a published widget wouldn’t work correctly.
      **The new exported/published widgets viewed by browsers (WIN: IE 7/8, FireFox 3.5, Safari 4; MAC: Safari 4, FireFox 3.5) should work normally now.
    • Fixed: AIR output wouldn’t work on MAC platform.
    • Fixed: Pop-up menu function wouldn’t work on published widgets which contained “Video_sidebar” styles in the embedded “Video Channel” component.
    • Fixed: Some settings in Edit Panel and Export Panel wouldn’t keep the previous result when you switched between panels.
    • Fixed: Users wouldn’t get a result if they inputted specific user name or tag name, including space, “_”, “.”, or other special characters in the embedded components of “Image/Video channel”.

    • Known Issue: When exporting as AIR, if the project includes the embedded component “Video Channel,” and the source is from YouTube, then the videos do not show up.

    • How to update your published widgets?
    • Preliminary requirement
      1. WidgetCast v2.02
      2. Original saved projects
    • Steps
      1. Open previously saved custom widget projects on WidgetCast v2.02.
      2. Check your project to see if it contains any components listed as below:
      - 2.1. If your project includes “Video Channel”, you need to re-select the video style in the component property panel to update it.
      - 2.2. If your project includes “popVideo Composer”, you need to delete the original composer, and add a new one to edit all content inside.
      3. When you have confirmed that #2 is finished, you can save the project to replace the older version.
      4. For exporting as Reallusion-hosting widgets, you should select the original published widget in the “Manage” panel, and press “replace”. Then, select the updated project to replace the older version.
      5. For exporting as Self-hosting widgets, you should re-deploy the associated files to replace the older version.
    • Notice
      1. Please update your flash player to the latest version to make sure all functions work normally.
      2. Please make sure that the widgets exported from the new version (v2.02) are not shown on the same page as an older version (before v2.02), otherwise, the new widgets may not work properly.


    v2.01 released 28th August-09

    • Added: New components with close, mute, full screen functions in Library.
    • Fixed: Instable loading in embedded video viewer while being published to web.
    • Fixed: The widgets hosted by Reallusion server can't be normally displayed in some forum systems.
    • Fixed: It may cause crash in certain conditions when browsing YouTube videos in the viewer.
    • Fixed: The display of custom video and image in embedded viewers won't work when being exported as Adobe AIR.
    • Enhanced: The loading performance of popVideo and PowerPoint widget.