Pop goes the weasel? Well now pop goes the WIDGET when you have the power to use real-life actors and virtual avatars to do the talking. Use WidgetCast with iClone and popVideo converter to make any widget come to life. You will be surprised how fast and fun it is to design moving, talking and even dancing avatars with WidgetCast's powerful black magic.

Live Actor

Turn your chroma key video or image sequence into a popWidget agent that can easily be collected, pasted and shared to promote your business. No more hiding behind your corporate logo, now we can all see who you are.

3D Avatar

Use iClone and customize your avatar's face, expressions, movements or design your own clothing with 3D walking, talking and dancing hosts. *Batteries not included.

Web Avatar

With CrazyTalk and WidgetCast, create Web Avatars with auto idles, mouse tracking, custom scripts and any other type of interactions you need. You say, they obey.

Floating Banner

You never stand still, so why should your widget? Create small banners and interactive props that are either pinned down like a wrestler, or hovering over web pages like an idle employee.