Flash Component

Having WidgetCast is like having your own personal Flash designer but without having to pay any pension plan or benefits. You can also extend custom features with Flash components as WidgetCast gives you the tools you need to design like a PRO. WidgetCast enables you to build your own flash apps and get you on your way to becoming a full-blown widget developer!

Dynamic Banner

Apply Flash component templates and design your custom banner with various media sources and display options.

Text Effect

Add text effects with Flash components and create dazzling effects in a short time.

Feedback Form

No more waiting for a response. Collect instant feedback from your customers with a unique agent and automatic mail system.

Video Player

With this player, you can customize cool banners on your website by reusing different video files and formats. Use one of the many video templates inside WidgetCast and arrange your video lists in different positions. You may also do the same through XML settings file inside.

Music Player

This flash application is a complete MP3 Player. It contains album and song data in the playlist for you to manage different types of music at the same time.