Business Application

Widgetcast is THE business application to help you build strong customer loyalty through sharable media rich Flash apps. You may create unique branded and corporate widgets for any product, campaign or event. Create your widgets in any shape, color, size and purpose to directly connect and follow your audience anywhere they go! Restraining orders are things of the past.

Branded Widget - Reallusion

Experience this compact Reallusion-branded widget that allows you to directly view video demos and tutorials for iClone, CrazyTalk and WidgetCast itself. Browse through all the video lists or connect to Reallusion's Twitter, RSS Feeds, Facebook and blog.

Branded Widget - iClone

Another great widget example that brings functionality and compactness into one neat package. Learn all about iClone with videos, galleries, updates and content through this practical widget that anyone can use.

Branded Widget - Soul Pancake

Flash developers never had it so good with this irregular shaped widget made for SoulPancake. Creating irregular shaped widgets is easy with the built in tools inside WidgetCast. No more widgets with plain right angles - now you have the power to create any shape!

Branded Widget - BitMob

Size does not matter, and this widget is proof of it! Make small and practical widgets that will fit snugly on any desktop.

Branded Widget - Digital Juice

Another great widget that fuses eye-catching positioning with awesome flash effects. Browse through WidgetCast's flash effects or bring in your own through SWF files.

Branded Widget - Game PRO

Gamers log on. Now you can receive all your game reviews direct on your desktop with GamePro's own widget that uses both video game galleries and RSS feeds.

Random Product Demo

With popWidget composer - you can randomnly demo your product on each page load. Allow people to experience different ads every time they visit your website.

Virtual Newsroom

Combine the power of iClone's Virtual Studio with WidgetCast, and you have another great tool to present your shows and events state-of-the-art virtual sets. Use with popVideo Converter and make real-life hosts do the talking.

Mini Website

Create your own Mini Website by selecting a suitable widget layout and color theme to best fit your website's theme.


Embed the power of real-time social media into your website with custom-made portfolios and more.

Business Card

Create business card with Yahoo! Map and live gallery to promote your business everywhere. You may even design interactive maps to guide your clients straight to your store.