1. Why can't I import the video?

    popVideo uses the codes that are installed on your computer to convert your media files. If you receive this error message, your computer does not have the required codes installed. We recommend installing the free K-Lite Codec Pack. It contains a collection of various decoders and encoders: https://codecguide.com/
  2. Why do I get below error messages when trying to import image or video files?

    popVideo supports importing image or video files with a resolution between 32x32 and 912x912 pixels. In addition, the maximum supported length of video files is limited to 30 minutes. Please make sure your image or video file is within these limits and try again.
  3. Where can I use the iWidget export format?
    The iWidget format can be opened in WidgetMe ver.1.01 and WidgetCast ver.2.0 or higher.