Accelerate launch events with the power of media mashup

  • Enjoy the power of Web2.0 collaboration with no need to worry about hosting costs or server bandwidth
  • Easily host events with popular video channels and media galleries from YouTube, Flickr and Picasa to get massive user participation
  • Live showcase of user media allows you to instantly update event content by changing tags, keywords or account names
  • Add GEO info from Yahoo! Maps to guide users to your business location.

Real-time newsfeeds direct to their desktops

  • Deliver small AIR apps for customers to install and automatically launch on PC Start-up.
  • Choose a custom desktop location and send real-time news updates via RSS or YouTube links.

Real-time Social Marketing with RSS and Twitter

  • Embed the power of real-time social media on your website or on users' desktops
  • Effectively build Twitter followers and stay connected to audiences online
  • Send instant RSS news feeds and allow users stay up-to-date with current information
  • Gather comments and e-mail feedback with survey forms connected to any e-mail address

Listen to Live Radio via podCasts

  • Choose your favorite podcast channels via RSS
  • Browse through program lists and choose desired selections
  • Delivers XML podcast program text and images
  • Play Bar Control gives you the option to stop and pause for buffering. Play Bar also includes time indicators

Display your photos and videos in a cool and customizable player

  • Customizable embedded Flash components: photo albums and video galleries
  • Over 20 black and white style templates for complete set and side bar layouts
  • Define your video channels with custom URL or username/tag search

Advanced Video Channel – the best YouTube Desktop Theater

  • Create your personal or branded TV, and directly access all your favorite YouTube Videos with the power of myTV
  • Use two TV Channel Styles: slide-in menu and fixed menu
  • Organize your videos in 3-level menus
  • Define your video channel with custom URL or username/tag search
  • Create and share your structured video programs via social media with live program list updates

Customize the look of your Web TV

  • Freely scale your player to achieve any desired resolution
  • Combine your player with other pre-made TV frames to create your own, unique WebTV style
  • Create your own branded TV channel with custom logos and shapes
  • Promote new products and announcements to keep customers up-to-date with streaming videos and pre-defined program lists