Turn any PowerPoint Presentation into a Royalty-free Flash Media

  • Convert your PowerPoint presentation into a Flash widget
  • Bring all text, images and animation effects into Flash formats
  • Package an entire presentation into one SWF file or separate it into WidgetCast pages for further interaction
  • Add buttons & links and turn your presentation into interactive media

Create a Live Show with Guided Avatars and Video Agents

  • Sync your presentations with real talking avatars and turn static presentations into exciting media showcases
  • Seamless integration with popVideo (iWidget) output from CrazyTalk and iClone
  • Add audio narration to presentations
  • Add dynamic font effects and Flash animation to your slides

Keep Slides Engaging and Updated with Mashup Media

  • Add live video channels and media galleries from YouTube, Picasa and Flickr
  • Combine your presentations with the latest information from RSS news feeds

Deploy PowerPoint widgets direct to any PC or Mac desktop

  • With the Adobe AIR output option, you can distribute your PPT presentation to non-PPT users for playback on any PC or Mac
  • View your presentations in fullscreen
  • Feed live information from connected Mashup media to any desktop