Ultra connectivity with your audience's desktop or Website

  • Standard Flash media output for compatibility across all platforms
  • Adobe AIR widget output for PC and Mac desktops

Flexible Widget Hosting

  • The freedom to determine where to host your own media
  • Self-hosting is a snap if you already have your own Web service provider
  • Reallusion Hosting is also an option that allows you to immediatly launch your widget campaign without worrying about server management or IT knowledge
  • >> More about Reallusion Hosting service

Want to go Viral?
Deploy your widget with embedded Web 2.0 sharing

  • Deliver, host and promote your media with flexible output options
  • Share your Widgets on all major social & blogging sites, including; Facebook, MySpace, Google Blogger, etc...
  • Easily 'Embed' a URL code and publish your widget on other websites
  • Distribute an Adobe® AIR® installer to make it pop out on any desktop

Live Metrics Now Demystify Campaign Performance

  • Reallusion hosting service provides instant widget performance reports based on the number of views your widget receives
  • Freedom of self-hosting and utilizing Google Analytics Performance Reports

Cross Platform, Live Desktop Distribution

  • Utilize Adobe® AIR® technology, popWidget and Mashup media to display offline on PC, Mac and Linux platforms
  • Launch AIR Apps on PC Start-up with custom desktop location
  • Share and distribute your rich media projects without having to install additional players
  • View your widget presentations in full screen