Transform plain videos into hovering, eye-catching Web & desktop communicators

  • Use Royalty-free video avatars as talking hosts in intelligent media players & hovering ads
  • Employ sticky content with traffic generating link-back systems
  • Create fast micro app with interactive live data feeds

Web2.0 Mashup

Real-time social marketing with Web 2.0 media
  • Flexible live content selection from top Web2.0 media
  • Mixable images, music, videos and Flash content
  • Live and direct updates to your viewers desktop or Website
  • Full-throttle direct micro-marketing campaigns

Rich Media Editing

Interactive Flash design with no coding

  • Speedy drawing, text & button tools
  • Organized Layer editing: slides & pages with auto play
  • Included: rich-media template libraries for instant galleries
  • Rich-media (SWF) import plug-ins for powerful Flash Component creation

PowerPoint Presentation

The cure for 'death by PowerPoint'
  • Enliven stale PowerPoint presentations with engaging live content
  • Distribute presentations with Web and desktop widget players
  • Transfor your PowerPoint files into potential viral marketing tools
  • Create online sales and training materials with royalty-free talking avatars

Flash Component

Extend any app with native Flash logic

  • Endless possibilities for custom functions and interactivity, such as: online databases, statistic charts, podcasts and more
  • Flash ActionScript 3.0 and FLEX compatible
  • Use XML files to fine-tune component resources and display controls

Web and Desktop Output

Flash & Adobe AIR powered publishing for PC & Mac
  • Flexible Web and Desktop Playback
  • Automatic 'Share' button keeps it viral
  • Live performance and customer loyalty metrics
  • Adobe certified AIR installer creator & distributor