WidgetCast has a section for managing your widgets. In this location you can easily organize all your widgets. You can even see the status of the member account and how many widgets are currently in your account. You may also sort various widgets by order, to enable a faster search of the target widget you wish to view.

1. My Account

Gives you the information that is related to your account.

2. WidgetCast and WidgetMe Tabs

The program automatically helps you sort the project by WidgetMe and WidgetCast. Thus, when you switch between the two, you may see the project you made in WidgetCast or WidgetMe.

3. Widget Information

Gives you all the information about that particular widget.

4. Sort by

You may sort your widgets by three methods: "Project Name", "Views per Month" and "Latest Update".

My Account


Sort the Widgets by the order of Project name, Views in this Month and Latest Update.

Project Differentiation

Manage Widgets


  • Widgets in the manage section are the published widgets hosted by Reallusion. Thus, you don't need to upload the widget to Reallusion again, you only need to replace the existing widget from the custom project folder.
  • If you are replacing a widget with an existing one, click the Replace button then choose a widget from the Replace Widget Library.