Editing Widgets

Edit Window is the main work space that you will be performing all the tasks for designing your widget. From the description below you will have a general idea about the elements of each editing panel and tools.

1. Page Panel

Add, delete or arrange the available pages.

2. Tools

The editing tools for you to use when designing a widget.

3. Align Panel

Set the position of the content object placement.

4. Link Panel

Add a link to the content in selection.

5. Stage

Stage is the space that allows you to edit and design your widget.

6. Layer Panel

Layers of the content objects where you can choose which layer to modify; or which layer appears before or after another.

7. Property Panel

Set various settings for the media in selection.

8. Export

Export the customized widgets to publish.

9. Preview

Preview the widget to see the effects or animation.

10. Library

Library consists of various forms of media that you may add to enhance your WidgetCast Projects.



  • To collapse/expand panels , click the double left , right , down arrow buttons located at the side of each panel. You can collapse or expand the Page, Property, Align, Link and Layer panels.

  • After completing a widget project, we highly recommend you to preview your widget. If you see any part of the images have been cut-off, please remember to adjust both the width and height of the canvas size for the whole project.