Various popWidget Solutions

popWidget is the best floating media used to attract audiences. Here are a variety of popWidget applications for you to get started.

Floating Banner
Create small banners or interactive media that are either pinned or hovering on web pages.

Welcome Agent
With popWidget composer - you can create talking agents, to welcome your audience, and later disappear after your script is finished.
Random Product Demo
With popWidget composer - you can reandomnly demo your product on each page load. Allow people to experience different ads every time they visit your website.
Interactive Media
With popWidget composer - you can place motion scripts or URLs in the menu. Allow people to click and choose different demos or be led to visit a desired page.

Get the Highest Click-through-rate and Drive Your Conversions

  • popWidget loads a sticky hovering widget that grabs viewer's attention on any website or desktop
  • Proven high click-through-rate with rich-media
  • Easy to animate, interact and hyperlink
  • popWidgets can easily be collected, embedded and shared to promote your business or event
  • Widgetize your business with direct micro-marketing apps pushed to your client's desktop

Easily Customize popWidgets with Rich-media Content

  • Create fully customized popWidgets with video, images, music and Flash animation
  • Your customers will never lose focus on popWidgets since popWidgets can be set to initial locations and be easily dragged and placed anywhere

Turn any Video into a popWidget Agent

  • Use with popVideo Converter and turn any video or image sequence into a popWidget Agents (video with transparent background)
  • Real humans, pets, comics or animation can all become high impact popWidget Agents
  • Create a set of scripts for your agent and deploy them with autoplay sequence
  • Quickly generate menu-driven popWidgets with the iWidget Composer

Seamless Integration with CrazyTalk and iClone

  • No need to limit creativity using costly online nickle-and-dime avatar services; generate your own outstanding design and own your royalty-free avatar without paying monthly fees
  • Turn your photo and voice into a talking avatar with CrazyTalk
  • Create 3D walking, talking and even dancing avatars with customizable faces and fashionable clothing powered by iClone
  • Both CrazyTalk and iClone can directly generate transparent popVideos (iWidget format) without the need for additional software