Design Dynamic Micro-apps in a Flash

  • Layer, Paging, foreground/background, button, link
  • Powerful editing tools: gradient, mirror, align...
  • Intuitive user-interface for flexible creation and editing of pages, buttons, images, layers and all design elements
  • Tacticle toolset to easily layout widget pages with text, lines, shapes and more
  • Multi-page editing to create interactive slideshow widgets

Powerful Rich-media Editing

  • Place images into your widget with JPG, GIF or PNG files
  • Include music and sounds in your widgets with MP3 or WAV
  • Embed videos in your widgets with SWF or FLV files
  • Create custom animated popVideo clips with CrazyTalk or iClone and export their chroma-keyed avatars into WidgetCast

Template Library for Drag & Drop Designs

  • Manage and preview your design elements with the Asset Library
  • Easy drag & drop adds media into any widget with common gallery styles
  • Save time by using and re-saving project templates instead of starting from scratch
  • Get access to a rich library of media content including; background images, text bubbles, buttons, layers and other SWF effects

Get More Content online from BackStage

  • Browse and preview content created by other Flash professionals
  • Grab Flash files online and expand your widget's functionality
  • Royalty-Free content allows you to create and publish as much as you like