How to Upgrade to CrazyTalk6?

Step 1. In order to get the special upgrade offer, you have to create a member account and register your CrazyTalk product first. Please click on the �Create Account� button on the Reallusion membership page to begin the registration process: . If you already are, please go to "Step 4" directly.



Step 2. Complete the Reallusion Member Application Form and click on the �Apply� button to submit it.


Step 3. You will receive our membership confirmation e-mail in the e-mail account you have specified. Please click on the included link to activate your account and complete the registration process.

If you do not receive the e-mail after 1 hour, please check your SPAM folder first. Should you find the e-mail in the SPAM folder, please add "*" to your e-mail client's list of trusted domains / white list. If you still do not receive the email, please contact us.

Step 4. Login your member account to register your new product.



Step 5. In the "Registration & Upgrade" tab, please enter your serial number to register your product. If you have already registered your CrazyTalk, you can find it in your registered product list, and click the "Bonus & Upgrade" .



Step 6. After registering your product, a page with product specific information will be displayed, and you can see the upgrade special offers in the bottom. For any further upgrade questions, please contact Reallusion Support for further assistance.