How do I register my product?

Step 1. In order to register a product with us you have to create a member account first. Please click on the �Create Account� button on the Reallusion membership page to begin the registration process:



Step 2. Complete the Reallusion Member Application Form and click on the �Apply� button to submit it.


Step 3. You will receive our membership confirmation e-mail in the e-mail account you have specified. Please click on the included link to activate your account and complete the registration process.

If you do not receive the e-mail after 1 hour, please check your SPAM folder first. Should you find the e-mail in the SPAM folder, please add "*" to your e-mail client�s list of trusted domains / white list. If you still do not receive the email, please contact us.


Step 4. Login your member account to register your new product.



Step 5. In the "Registration & Upgrade" tab, please enter your serial number to register your product.



Hints & Tips: Where do I find my serial number?

If you do not know what your serial number is, please open your program first. After the program has launched, click on the �?� icon in the top right corner and select �About �� (program name). The following screen will be showing the serial number of your product.



Step 6. After registering your product, a page with product specific information will be displayed where you can re-download the program�s installation file, have the serial number re-sent to you, download resource and/or bonus packs, get special offers, and more (note: different product may present different items).



When you log in next time, you will be able view your registered product as shown below.

There you have the following options:

i) Click on the "Resend" link to have that product�s serial number sent directly to your e-mail account.

ii) Click on the "Download" link to directly re-download the program�s installation file.

iii) Click on the "Bonus & Upgrade" link to display that product�s specific information page.