How to become a Premium member?

Step 1. Please click “Create Account ” on Reallusion member Page:



Step 2. Complete the Reallusion Member Application Form



Step 3. You will receive our membership confirmation email in the email account you have just provided us. Please click the included link to continue the account creation.

Step 4. Login your member account to register your new product.



Step 5. In Member Welcome page, click "Register Products".



Step 6. Follow the direction to register your product via the serial number.



Step 7. After registering your product, you have already been our premium member.

Step 8. In Member Welcome page, you can click “iClone” on the left menu to open your own Premium Page and see the complete information of your Reallusion registered products. Then you can have the below befits:

i) Click “Resend” to resend the serial number to your mail account.
ii) Click “Download” to re-download the program.
iii) Click "Bonus & Upgrade " to get more product resource, such as bonus download, video tutorial, special price…etc.