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Wolfzone Digital Art is the name of my independent studio. It still amazes me how quickly our industry and the CG medium itself is constantly evolving. As a freelance artist, I like to lend a hand doing what I love for other artists, organizations or companies. Some of the services offered through the studio include:

• Custom Animation:
With iClone as my real time render animation software, I can assist individuals or companies with development and production of cost effective, custom, 2D and 3D animated videos. An excellent option for education, training videos, website interactives or product demos.

• 3d Modeling:
Over the years I’ve built a fairly large library of 3D characters, models and props. Now with 3dXchange pipeline, existing models can be exported in .obj or .fbx formats for utilization in other modeling render software or game asset development. I enjoy the modeling process and entertain requests for custom 3D models as well.

• Previsualization:
(also known as pre-rendering, or preview)) is a function to visualize complex scenes in any video project prior to filming itself. It can provide valuable proof of concept and or layout the video project or scene in its entirety. I use iClone for Real time animation to provide an effective and quick previsualization for marketing pieces, commercials or live events. We can also utilize it for storyboarding or movie previsualization like we did with this clip from the English Patient.

Digital Artist for Modeling, Animation, & Previz

Q: How did you start the animation experience with iClone?

I started using iClone in my pipeline a little over 6 years ago with version 1.0. At that time it was more for fun and personal enjoyment and projects as opposed to commercial output. However, that changed over the years with each new release as iClone has become more and more robust. I now use iclone as a regular part of my production pipeline.


Q: What's the benefit about using iClone for Previz?

As a previz tool, I think iClone is exceptional for it's speed and ease of use. I can set up a shot or scene extremely quickly, animate it and render, all in a fraction of the time it would take me in some other animation tools like Maya or Max. That makes it invaluable to me.

Q: What was the major challenge about setting up the scene and animation in iClone before you roll the camera?

With the previz of the clip from the English Patient, there isn't a lot of dialogue so you have to rely on imagery to tell the story more so than dialogue in this particular case. Fortunately with unlimited cameras and the ability to set the stage and puppet my characters, it can be managed in short order.

Q: Which feature inside iClone help you the most to visualize a story?

I love working with cameras and being able to set up as many as I need, I can plan out an entire scene in advance and test all my shots even before render. Being able to manipulate them in real time is a very big asset.

Q: What's your favorite iClone work? How long does it take you to complete an iClone movie?

A lot of the work I do is corporate work for contract so it's proprietary to my client, but one of my own personal favorites is a video I did back in 2010 which was a fun little short about love and loss. It's on my YouTube channel:

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