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Featured Studio - RhettRO Creative

Rick Owens

My studio is RhettRO Creative. We do television commercial production and have used CTA Pro on numerous television spots.

Most of my work has been inside After Effects but CTA Pro makes it easier and faster to turn professional animation thus making for very happy clients.

I'll be doing so much more with Reallusion's software in the future and expect to win several ADDY awards this year with what I've already done. No one in this market is doing what I'm doing with television commercials and you can expect the work to get better and better as I get more familiar with the CTA workflow.


The Commercial Studio using CrazyTalk Animator

Q: Can you introduce these commercial videos you made with CrazyTalk Animator? How does CrazyTalk Animator help you when making these videos?

The commercial spots that I've created using CTA were all ideas that I put together and then presented to the clients. I've made 2 spots for Triple Threat Sports Bar using characters of the actual owner and one of his patrons, Gary. The idea of the West Texas sand lizard is topical for this area because of the impact of the lizard on oil drilling, so we decided to create the character and have him talk for the spot. The next client is a mom and pop pizza shop and we wanted to give them brand recognition by having a slice of their pizza do the talking, thus was born Marty McCheezio. Outside of Photoshop, everything was done inside CTA and we love what it has done for our clients. The reason I'm using CTA is for the ease of use and the fact that I can do my own puppeteering inside the program. Everything is simple and easy to understand. There are a few features I would love to see implemented, but that would take a visit with the software designers.

Q: What are the key points of making a commercial animation video? What are the unique advantages of using CrazyTalk Animator for commercial production?

I love animation because it gets people's attention. If you want to sell pizza then you really need to grab the kids with the images on screen. Animation is everywhere and we just wanted to do something unique and different. One of the unique advantages to CTA is the overall look and feel that the software brings to the project. plus the fact that I can stay in my native 1920 x 1080 HD resolution for broadcast, not to mention the very quick render times.

Q: Do you use any other software besides CrazyTalk Animator? If so, what other software do you use and what for?

Aside from CTA, I use Adobe Production Premium CS6 exclusively. Premier Pro is my editor of choice, along with Photoshop (love the new content aware feature) and After Effects. For my heavy 3D projects I use Cinema 4D R13. I also use Particle Illusion for special effects and of course iClone Pro 5 and iClone 3D Xchange Pro 5. As a matter of fact I am currently doing an iClone project with models I've downloaded from 3D Warehouse. That stuff is awesome and I appreciate everyone who contributes to the site.

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