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Featured Artist - Paul Louis

Paul Louis

I'm an actor, writer and composer, who runs his own video production company - Tomorrow's Child, Inc. I specialize in white board videos, using CrazyTalk Animator as a means to create the high quality illustrations I need. I just completed a four minute film, with CrazyTalk Animator, which has been selected for The 2014 Rincon International Film Festival.

An Actor, Writer, Composer, and Animator

Q: You seem to be a very busy person. Please tell us more about your background and your work.

Well, I have been a professional actor, composer, writer and puppeteer, for over 30 years now. When I am not working in that capacity, I make a living as a video producer, producing videos mostly for local businesses.

Q: Acting has played a major part in your career. What drove you to start doing animation?

I've always loved puppetry and animation. When I discovered Reallusion and their great products, I looked at their learning platform as a sort of puppetry in itself. Except this time, the puppets were digital.

Q: An American Gringo in Rincon is your original animated comedy short. It has been officially selected in The Rincon International Film Festival, in Puerto Rico. What was your inspiration for this film, and why did you chose CrazyTalk to make it?

I was inspired to create the film by watching how tourists react to the people on the island. You can get some great inspiration by simply observing real life situations. CrazyTalk Animator Pro, was the perfect animation software to create this piece, simply by it's user friendly interface, and almost limitless possibilities for quickly creating high quality 2D animation. I was able to create this 4 minute film in less than 2 days.

Q: You also use CrazyTalk as a business tool for your Capture The Market app. What are the advantages for businesses to use CrazyTalk?

I've been making a lot of whiteboard animation videos for businesses (which are quite popular now, as you may know). I am an illustrator, and am able to draw my own illustrations for such videos. However, CTA allows me to create very high quality, charming looking drawings, in absolutely no time, and in already colored and textured.

Q: Do you have any upcoming projects you can share with us?

My writing partner, Nick Santa Maria, and I, are talking about creating a new cartoon web series, in CrazyTalk Animator Pro. We hope to have that launched online by 2015.

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