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Featured Director - Dr. Mike Wilson

Dr. Mike Wilson

My name is Dr. Mike Wilson, and I am a general dental practitioner and oral surgeon - now semi-retired.

Charlie and Rufus productions was formed at the beginning of 2012 and the first Charlie and Rufus video was posted on YouTube in April of that year.

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A Doctor Who Animates

Q: Who are Charlie and Rufus? And how did they come about?

Charlie and Rufus came about by accident really. I had been looking for a vehicle to lampoon the huge wave of illogical and often bordering on the idiotic rules and regulations that was being imposed on dental practices in the United Kingdom, in order to comply with the newly formed Care Quality Commission ( CQC ) - which practices now have to be registered with in the UK.

I had recently installed CrazyTalk Animator Pro with a view to using it to animate cartoons that I draw. While playing around with the program I did a little animation using one of my granddaughter's toys she had left here - and this gave me the idea of creating the characters in the series.

Q: What do Charlie and Rufus aim to do?

Rufus is a principal dental practitioner and Charlie is the junior partner. Obviously by the very nature of the scripts, the videos are directed at a rather narrow audience but nevertheless seem to have developed a cult following.

Q: How did you learn about CrazyTalk Animator, and what are the advantages of using it?

I looked at a number of animation programs and the main reason for choosing CrazyTalk Animator Pro was that it seemed to be the only one that was versatile enough to allow me to create characters, scenes and props from scratch.

Q: Do you have any future projects you can share with us?
Although I have a couple more ideas for scripts, I think that after some 27 videos, Charlie and Rufus have pretty much run their course and it's time to move on to something new. I am currently working on a series of animated videos for children about a mouse called Monty ( ).

In that this will be directed at a much wider audience, I am hopeful they will prove popular.

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