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Featured Director - Amr Fouad

Amr Fouad

My name is Amr Fouad. I am and architect graduate from Egypt. A few years ago a friend of mine introduced me to CrazyTalk Animator. Since I am an anime and a cartoon manic, and I also like to draw, then I started to make movies with CrazyTalk. For me CrazyTalk Animator is compatible with my style, which is crazy and funny. It allows me to add my own touch. Currently, I am a freelance artist who makes animation videos of all kinds, but I am hoping that in the future I am able to build my own professional studio to share my ideas with the world.

An Architect Turned Commercial Animator

Q: You are an architect that has now made a collection of animations. Tell us, did you always have a passion for animation or was it something that you just started?

Ever since I was a kid and up till now, I have always loved to watch 3D animation from Japanese anime, and since I used to draw when I was a kid it wasn't hard to begin a year ago when a friend of mine introduced me to CrazyTalk Animator. I believe its safe to say that we "just clicked".

Q: Your Senor Grande's animation commercials are very nice. Is Senor Grande a restaurant in your city? What motivated you to create this animation about them?

Senor Grande is a chain-store restaurant in the U.S. They wanted someone to show their new service in a fun and animated advert, and since my style was suitable for them, then I become their guy.

Q: Besides animating for business and fun, have you ever used animation for your profession as an architect? Do you see animation as something useful for your profession?

You would be surprised to know that architecture and animation aren't that far apart from each other as they are both fine arts. Yes, animation is very useful in my profession as it is considered to be a very practical tool to show architectural work designs. You can use it as a pre-layout tool to visualize your projects before final planning begins.

Q: You have used CrazyTalk Animator in many of your animations. What are the advantages of using CrazyTalk in your videos? Are there any advantages?

The main advantage of CrazyTalk is its friendly use, making it easy to animate movies from the very start, even if you are just an amateur. In my opinion the only disadvantage is that you can't draw your own stuff inside, so you have to use other software for that but you can still mix and match to create your own characters inside.

Q: Tell us a bit more about the animation industry in Egypt. Are there a lot of animation studios there, and do they provide animated commercials to companies?

The animation industry in Egypt is still in a growing state with a variety of different styles and artists. We do have a few studios, but nothing in the likes of Pixar or Disney. But with increasing levels of talent and interest we will one day start seeing more of a professional base of not just studios but also of sketch artist, directors and animators.

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