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Ade Sanni

My name is Ade Sanni, and I have recently finished my university where I studied Film Production. Now I am a writer and a film director, and I also freelance my services to various companies. My day job consists of administration and assisting in media production, which pays the bills. But in my off time, I work on my personal projects to get more exposure of my work. I work mostly on short films, and I enter them to festivals and competitions alike. I am also working on a historical fictional novel, which I have spent three years researching.

Writer, Film Director, Editor and CrazyTalk Animator

Q: You are a writer, a film director, and an editor. Tell us about your early work and how you started building a name for yourself.

My earlier work has mostly been in experimental media because I was much of a newbie as the next guy. So I kept myself open to playing with different techniques until I found the medium that worked best for me, which is fictional films. I started to make short films, mostly for families and friends, until I was encouraged to send them to film festivals. I have been doing so ever since and, through the festivals, I started to gain recognition.

Q: Besides short films you have also delved into animation as you submitted an entry into the Reed Short Film Competition. Was it a natural transition from writing, directing, to animating?

Absolutely. To me, animation is practically the same thing as live-action films - there are characters, a world and a story. Except that animation take longer to create. But what I love the most about it is that I can do it on my own, and on a lower budget. I don't need a huge crew, to hire locations and rent cameras and equipment. It is just me, the computer and my story. And sometimes it can be more rewarding that way.

Q: How did you discover CrazyTalk Animator, and what made you want to use this software?

A friend forwarded me a notice for the Reed Short Film Competition. I immediately had an idea for what I wanted to do but I only had two weeks until the competition ended, and I had no big budget to work with. So I thought about animation. But a traditional animation would take months to make. I scurried around the internet for a simpler animation software that would make it easy to animate but that could give me the freedom to create my own characters and my world. It was really hard finding a software that is as flexible as I wish. Then I saw CrazyTalk on YouTube, and I had to have it. It was exactly what I needed, and I was able to make the animation just in time. The animation is the short, 'Madam Trotter's Taunting Heads'.

Q: Do you believe that a tool like CrazyTalk can help writers and directors get their stories across through animations?

I think CrazyTalk can do more than that. It is such an editable software, and it is very open to high customization that you can create your animations from scratch - entirely from scratch. So as much as directors and writers can use CrazyTalk to make their stories, they can also be inspired by its creativity. They can find that the software arouses their imagination and enriches their work. It is all about being playful with the tools.

Q: Are there any future animation projects in the works?

Yes, I am currently working on an advertisement for a youthful company called Silent Secret. It is going to be an animation series called 'Feel Good', targeted at teens. It shall be launching on YouTube at the beginning of May 2014, and I hope it shall prove to be popular.

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