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Product Demo
Video Title: CrazyTalk5 Demo Reel
Time: 04:08
Date: 2007.03.20
Description: Crazytalk5 allows anyone transform photos and images into talking animated characters and bring them to life with real-time puppeteering; turning any PC into a face animation movie studio.
Video Title: CrazyTalk5 New Feature Guide
Time: 07:46
Date: 2008.01.15
Description: CrazyTalk5 is enhanced with several new features including 9 face profiles, motion clips, puppeteering control panel, SFX swap, flash output and etc.
Video Title: Lulu
Time: 00:57
Date: 2008.01.03
Description: CrazyTalk5 PRO interfaces facial animation with revolutionary real-time puppeteering controls empowering you with command performance over character facial expressions. The program provides the advanced functions and productivity with the most innovative and accessible features allowing you to command and control facial performances like never before.
Video Title: Spy Dog
Time: 00:36
Date: 2008.01.03
Description: Non-human face profile styles animates animals, cartoons with perfect talking animation.
Video Title: Macbeth
Time: 00:32
Date: 2008.01.03
Description: Interactive school projects let students animate historical figures and more.
Video Title: Comic Frog
Time: 00:28
Date: 2008.01.03
Description: Create animated comics with customizable talking text bubbles.
Video Title: Cyborg
Time: 00:38
Date: 2008.01.03
Description: Animate talking avatars with custom special effects for web and video.
Video Title: Newscaster
Time: 01:02
Date: 2008.01.03
Description: Launch a news broadcast, blog or podcast with a virtual reporter.