PRIME Membership Benefits

Extra 15% Off All Year
Prime Members will get an extra 15% off on each purchase order during the subscription period.
Applies to All Stores
Prime savings apply to Reallusion Software Store, Content Store, Marketplace and ActorCore. Get instant returns on purchases.
Buy More, Save More
Save more with an Elite coupon or volume discount with access to over 70,000 products.
PRIME Member gifts - Reallusion
PRIME Member gifts - Reallusion
PRIME Member Gifts

Sign Up Gift:

For all subscribers

Get these two fully-rigged 2D and 3D characters for Cartoon Animator and iClone. (Value $40)


Start Enjoying the Best Deals with Reallusion PRIME

PRIME is only $99 per year. Cancel anytime.

$ /year      

*Terms and conditions *Plus applicable sales tax

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2D / 3D animation software.
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2D / 3D branded content packs.
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Best selection of 3D motions and characters.
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2D / 3D asset creations from community.
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  1. What is Reallusion Prime Membership?

    Reallusion Prime Membership is a subscription service that allows you to receive exclusive 15% off Prime discount and exclusive Prime gifts on a yearly basis. Prime Membership is $99/ a year (12-month rolling). Prime Members may use the discount code on all Software and Content at Reallusion Online Stores, including the Online Software Store, Content Store, Marketplace, and ActorCore. Apart from great discounts, Prime members can also join Prime Member campaigns to receive exclusive gifts and more.

    *Prime discount can NOT be applied to purchase DA points at a lower price. However, if you use DA points to check out as a Prime member, you may then apply the Prime discount.

  2. What are the benefits of Reallusion Prime membership?

    • Extra 15% off order coupon for one year. (What is order coupon?)
    • Prime discount on all Reallusion stores, including Online Software Store, Content Store, Marketplace, and ActorCore. *Does not apply for purchasing DA points
    • Prime discount on top of store price, product coupon, volume discount and Elite member discount.
    • Prime Member Exclusive offers when available.
  3. How to subscribe to Reallusion Prime membership?

    • Click the “subscription” icon and click “Subscribe to Reallusion Prime.”
    • Fill in the billing and payment details at the shopping cart.
    • When the payment succeeds, the subscription is active automatically. Please find the "RLPrime15" discount code in the “view coupon list” at the shopping cart and Prime Gift in the Order History Page.
  4. Where is my Prime discount code? And how do I apply the code?

    Once you subscribe to the 12-month Prime Membership, you will find the "RLPrime15" discount code in both the Prime Membership welcome email and in the “view coupon list” at the shopping cart. (Please login to check the Prime discount coupon). You need to self apply the coupon codes as you might have multiple coupon options. Simply select or enter the Prime discount code, and you will get the biggest savings on the normal prices.

    Steps to apply Prime discount code:

    • Login to your Reallusion account and go to your cart.
    • Click “View Coupon List” in the Order Summary session on the right-hand side. If you are in the Reallusion Marketplace or ActorCore, click “Select Coupon” instead. PRIME Member gifts - Reallusion
    • You may see a Prime Coupon with the coupon code RLPrime15, click “Apply” to get the instant discount. PRIME Member gifts - Reallusion
  5. Are there any restrictions while using the Prime discount code?

    • Prime discount can not be used together with educational licensing.
    • Prime discount is an order coupon, so it can’t be used together with other order coupons.

  6. If I’m not satisfied, what is the Prime cancellation policy? Will I be refunded?

    Payments are non-refundable and we do not provide refunds or credits for any partial membership periods or unused Prime service or benefits. If you cancel your membership, you will continue to have access to the Prime service through the end of your billing period.
  7. Does Prime Membership apply to a 14-day money back guarantee?

    No. Reallusion Prime Membership is non-refundable. If you cancel your membership, you may continue to have access to the Prime service through the end of your billing period.
  8. Where can I check my subscription period?

    Please visit the Subscription Page at your member page.
  9. When will I be billed for my next Prime membership?

    When your Prime Membership period ends, we'll automatically renew your Prime Membership status for the next membership period by default to ensure you don't lose access to all benefits. Payment for your renewal is due at your next billing date. All Prime Members will be notified 15 / 3 days before the billing.

    You can check your auto-renew setting in the Subscription Page
    • If auto-renew is enabled, the subscription renews at your next billing date and you keep access to all Prime benefits and discounts.
    • If auto-renew is disabled, the subscription doesn't renew at your next billing date. Instead, you will lose access to all Prime benefits and discounts.

    You can cancel auto-renew at any time. This prevents your payment method from being charged at your next billing date.
  10. What is the difference between Reallusion Prime, Premium plus membership, Corporate Membership, Workgroup, and Elite Membership?

    • Reallusion Prime Membership: Subscribe to the Prime Membership for $99 a year, and receive a 15% off discount code and other Prime membership benefits. You may use the discount on all Reallusion Online Stores.
    • Premium Plus Membership (Can be used together with Prime discount): Purchase a product in the Software Store, Content Store, and register the serial number in your Member Account. Learn More >
    • Corporate Membership (Can be used together with Prime discount): Once you become a Reallusion Premium Plus member, then you may submit your request to become a Corporate Member. Corporate Members may enjoy free Reallusion Software Tutorials and an opportunity to further upgrade to Corporate Platinum Membership to enjoy further discount. Learn More >
    • Elite Membership (Can be used together with Prime discount): Any purchase made in the Reallusion Content Store during the Accumulative Period with an accumulated order value over $699 will qualify as an Elite Member and receive an Elite Unique Member Code for 40% OFF the product List Price till the end of the year. Learn More >
    • Workgroup: You may register or merge Reallusion multi-seat software under the same Workgroup account to manage / share digital assets across teams. Learn More >
  11. What will I get for Prime sign up gifts?

    • One 3D modern character made by Reallusion. (Value: $30)
    • One 2D stylized character made by Developer Azbuss.(Value: $10)
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