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Before the Show: Booth set-up

Before the Show: Testing iClone 1.5 and CrazyTalk 4.5 demo machines

Before the Show: After 2 days and unpacked over 50 crates and boxes, we are finally ready to go and the booth is looking good!

It's Show Time: A huge crowd gather at Reallusion booth whenever the live presentation is on the stage. Live demos of iClone 1.5 and CrazyTalk 4.5 are running throughout the day.

It's Show Time: Reallusion Team interact with the enthusiastic users and demo nonstop at the iClone and CrazyTalk demo stations.

Reallusion's Exhibitor Tech Talk:
Speaker: John C Martin II, Director of Product Marketing, Reallusion
Topic: Reallusion, the Real-time Revolution.

Reallusion's Exhibitor Tech Talk:
Speaker: Brian Harvey, NVIDIA
Topic: Empowering the Real-time Studio

Reallusion's Exhibitor Tech Talk:
Speaker: Ahmed Shehata, Alvaro Sanint, Radiant Square Studios
Topic: iClone, Final Rig and Maya: Integration Tools for a Complete Production Pipeline

Reallusion's Exhibitor Tech Talk:
Speaker: Paul Marino, Executive Director, Academy of Machinima Arts and Science
Topic: Machinima, Filmmaking on the Frontier

Reallusion's Exhibitor Tech Talk:
The room is packed with audience and the crowd continue to line up outside the entrance to hear our presentation on 3D Real-time Filmmaking.

Partner Dinner @ Gourmeli's: The dinner party gathers our partners and supporters in the evening of Day 1 to meet with Reallusion Team and exchange ideas.

See you next year in San Diego, SIGGRAPH 2007 BOOTH 1629!